frist real day home feeling still like shit I’m in so much pain. I had a rough night but the nurse is here now to  examine me. Well bad news for me the nurse took my temperature and I have a 101 fever and the c-section slight is red and hot I have to go to the er. Back to the hospital I go less than  24 hours. I get there and I have to be  admitted for the weekend.  I have a infection in my uterus they have to give me antibiotics threw a iv . My luck 3 months in the hospital and now this. It’s like I can’t leave this hospital for nothing.!


Day 81  we’ll today I’m going home still don’t feel good but they said I can go. My breast are so ingruged that the nurse has to manually message and take the milk out . Holly molly did that hurt . So now I’m on the way home and I thought I would be so happy but I am in to much pAin to enjoy it.


day 80 we’ll the pain is not getting any better and this breast feeding thing is not to bad. Thank god for my family helping me out because I don’t know how people do it without help I am truly blessed. So I am on a different floor and it is not as good as the 10th floor I was on. The nurses on the tenth floor were amazing all of them the nurses on the 5 th not so much.


Day 79 I am in so much pain I can’t walk my stomach and back so much pain.. my princess is breastfeeding it’s the most beautiful thing in the world when u see that beautiful face she absolutely prefect. I never knew love at frist slight intil I met this 👸. She is the prettiest thing I ever saw. Now I know the feeling when my mom used to tell me your so beautiful.Because it’s ture your own will always be the most beautiful thing in the world


Day 78 hello world my baby girl has arrived and omggg is she beautiful and perfect little princess better than I ever imagined. So they woke me up At about 730 to get me and my husband ready and than brought us over about 8am. As I got over to the er I started to shake and get so nervous 😩. As I got on to the bed, getting ready for the epidural I start to cry so  nervous and scary. As she put it in my back I felt a big pinch and than a shock Came and I jumped because I was so scared That it messed something up. Than seconds later from the waist down I feel nothing such a  strange feeling I was still nervous 😩 so they gave me some kind of mix to make me drowsy. As my husband walk over they started cuting  me and had the baby out in 5 mins. It was the most amazing sound I ever heard when we heard that little beautiful voice crying. Than my husband bought the baby to me and we started to cry so much was a beautiful thing. We love her so much already omg we waited so long to see her adorable face. Now our family is completed.

She is 37 weeks and 5 pounds she is beautiful,


Well world today is the big day one more hour and they will take me to get started and hopefully less than2 hours I’ll get to meet my beautiful princess 👸… I am scared as hell but I hope it goes smooth. I am so happy this is gonna be done today. Stayed tuned


day 77 . So the doctors came In today and said snice the baby is head down we are gonna to induce you tonight. I was in shock I said what. I thought we were sticking to wensday. She said I know it was Tuesday and than it was Wednesday. But we would like to get it over with and at midnight u will be 37 weeks. So she Said are u ready I said I think so lol. So they did a sonogram and She was still head down. Waited for hours just for them to tell me were still on schedule. 830pm comes and they said this is it. I said to myself oooo boy. Me and my husband rush and try to pack up everything, but than they came to put the iv in my arm and take me to the labor and Delevery side. A couple hours go by they check a sonogram and she turned again her butt is down. She does not like to be upside down lol. So we wait again til they make a decision and hoping they not gonna delay us. It’s now 12 am and the doctors said we will do a c-section in the morning at 815…:


day 78 so today I am really tried can’t sleep thinking about this little one what see looks like and who she looks like lol. If things are gonna go smooth. Am I gonna go natural or c-section so many things to think about. I am almost to the end. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I just hope I am gonna be a good mommy. I waited so long for this dream to come true so I gonna give it my all.