New year eve in the hospital pretty much sucks. But what can u do. I had a scare last night a lot of cramps last night I drank lots of water it calmed down thank god. They put a port in my arm which is a iv that’s stays in your arm for 29 days in stead of them  changing it every 4 days less poking.  My parents and mother inlaw made me food so excited nothing like homemade food.


Well I made two weeks . It’s been a rough two weeks. my emotions are all over the place. It’s hard being away from home and to be in this one room, but I make the most of it. I mostly read watch shows and do my makeup and hair lol. I try to keep it as normal as possible. The nurses are so sweet even the nurses assist. I never been to a hospital were there so nice and talk to u to make u feel good. The all thing that I hate is the constant needles and the I’ve changes but other than that it’s a good place for this.


Day 13

today I had different team of docs and they all say the same thing we got to keep her in as long as possible but everything is doing ok. I went to my ultrasound today and she said the. Bloodclot got a little bigger so this was not good news. So now I am nervous again. One day good one day soso. This has been the most stressful thing to ever go through…


today my tenth day in the hospital and I am getting tried of the needles and the motiors. The doctors said everything is still stable .. we’re hoping for 7 more weeks …. I have to get a blood thinner shot every morning and night and that hurts like hell. I have so many bruises on my arms n legs. I hope this gets better.

Hospital day 9 12-24-16

Well today is xmas eve and I woke up feeling sick. I just think it’s the constant of being woken up and it’s hot and cold in this room. Every morning and night I have to be put on this baby heart montior for 2o mins which it feels like forever. and it makes me crazy. My baby girl gives the nurses a headache she runs away from it or the last 5 mins she moves and I got to do it all over again. She a pain in my you know what already lol.

My husband and his family came and they brought me some yummy food fish and cookies. my lovely hunny bought me some of my favorite fish from city island so yummy . my mom and dad and brother came n bought me some cheese and homemade cookies. They are all so wonderful making today as normal as possible. This made my day it was not so bad after all. I got an amazing gift from the hubby a professional camera 🎥 that I wanted so bad can’t wait to use it . His family got me wonderful gifts as well . I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Hospital day 8 12-23-16

Today I am feeling a little sad xmas is this weekend and it kinda depressing being in the hospital for the holidays .  I have not much going on today been sleeping a lot today. My floor has a party so I went for a little got some food.

My other brother suprized me and came so it made me happy . And my husband of course. So today was a nice clam day. They took me in the wheelchair down stairs to see the xmas tree 🌲 it was very nice too see and being out of the room.

Hospital day7 12-22-16

Well the doctors came in and said  that were both doing well so that’s good. I had my ultrasound again today and the fuilds were good. But I have a blood clot in my  uterus which is also part of the bleeding and should be ok . Might pass threw or break apart. Another thing to worry about .

On a wonderful note my bosses gave me a amazing gift 🎁. they sent the glam squad to come to my room to Do my  hair and nails  how wonderful was that. Very fancy. It made the time go by and made me feel good. My  inlaws came to see me as well so I had a very nice day took my mind off things .