Hospital day 9 12-24-16

Well today is xmas eve and I woke up feeling sick. I just think it’s the constant of being woken up and it’s hot and cold in this room. Every morning and night I have to be put on this baby heart montior for 2o mins which it feels like forever. and it makes me crazy. My baby girl gives the nurses a headache she runs away from it or the last 5 mins she moves and I got to do it all over again. She a pain in my you know what already lol.

My husband and his family came and they brought me some yummy food fish and cookies. my lovely hunny bought me some of my favorite fish from city island so yummy . my mom and dad and brother came n bought me some cheese and homemade cookies. They are all so wonderful making today as normal as possible. This made my day it was not so bad after all. I got an amazing gift from the hubby a professional camera 🎥 that I wanted so bad can’t wait to use it . His family got me wonderful gifts as well . I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

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