day 45… so we made 32 weeks today so excited 😊 and the ultrasound looked great thats good but will find out more tomorrow about the growth. My baby girl is a strong special girl and I can’t wait intil I see her. I hope the montior is good tonight we will see.


day 43 ooo what a night again this little girl is gonna kill me already. She scared me again she was high for awhile than she came down after 15 mins. I thought they were gonna take me to the er. Now this Morning again she very hyper lol and she does not stay still 😝 but it’s going ok thank god. We just got to hang in for two more weeks god willing . At least my husband staying for the weekend so I am excited about that. And the glam squad coming to glam me up today so looking forward to that too


So today is day 42. 6 weeks we made it lol. But I was having some cramps but after having a wonderful day yesterday with my friend and mommy still here. I was having a wonderful relaxing message than she put me on the monitor and she was being bad so I had to keep it on for 2 hours what a scare but than she was ok .

Today the montior was good but now it’s alittle high have to stay on longer again  this is so stressful u have no idea. People will never understand unless u been on this adventure.


day 41 well today I went to my ultrasound and I got to see my princess 👸 face In 3D.. I cried so much because I was so happy so see her cute face and that she ok. But I been getting cramps again alittle here and there so I’m scared 😳 but I have to drink my water and we’ll see. The water helps with the cramps.


day 40 well this little girl on a roll. She moving like crazy 😜 I love it makes me so happy to see my belly move like crazy. My mommy is staying for today’s n my good friend Helen suprized me today with beautiful flowers 🌺. And I can’t wait to see my husband later miss him so much.


Day 39 I could not sleep at all ugh 😑.. I guess I have so much going threw this head of mine. But this little one makes me smile she rolls around in my tummy like crazy 😜 poking me all over lol. It’s the best part of pregnancy 🤰🏻 feeling that little one in your tummy still cant believe there’s a baby in there. Sometimes I don’t want her to come out I want her to just stay there. Well I am so looking forward to seeing her.  what see gonna look like I hope both of us lol. Well Gonna go to a breastfeeding class now lets see how that goes.


just went to the NICU to see we’re it is. And I can’t express how I feel right now. So much emotions right now. I never would think I would be at this place where I have to vist my baby In a  isolated place with wires and tubes all over. It’s so sad 😭 i just feel sad for her when the time comes she gonna be all alone I hate it . But there nothing we can do but hope she will only be there for a short time .


yayy we made day 38 and it’s the beginning of week 31 god is good. So far everything the same hoping that it will stay that way. We came along way feeling so blessed and happy and excited and scared all at the same time.

Today a big storm is coming and my tv went out great hope it does not stay that way.


day 37 we made it Another day  But no matter what I am still worried and scared. So many things go threw my head. No one will understand how this is unless u been threw a scary road like this. They can all say it will be alright but they can’t understand how u truly feel inside being away from home be stuck in one place. Not being comfortable. Everyday being pooked and when u finally fall asleep they wake u up at 1am than u toss and turn, than at 5 a medical student comes in gives u a exam than a doc comes at 6 than 73o the team of docs it’s so exhausting from 5am -11am. So u are here getting rest but not really between that and your hole body hurts from such a uncomfortable bed. How can u get rest. the endless emotions u feel and all u can do is be strong for your baby.


Day 36 so today I had a little break down feeling sad. Even though things are great I feel scared about delivery I feel sad that she gonna have to stay for a while in the hospital. I am scared if I am gonna be a good mom or not. I just hope things go right. I pray to the big man upstairs all the time and I know he has been there for me. I thank him so much. At least my husband will stay with me tonight I miss him so much and being home with him. I feel like I  abandon him.

But I am trying to be strong for this little princess I love her so much already and can’t wait to meet her.