Day 73 we’ll we’re 36 weeks one more week yayy. Feeling so weak and tried it’s so hard to get out of bed. My throat still hurts more at night for some reason. So the doctors came and said are u ready I said yes and no. They got me upset because they want to Induce  the baby at night that’s crazy so hopefully they will change it. Everyone is sick my parents and my hubby I hope they get better for the baby.


day 72 at least I had a hole week with no iv. My hunny slept over and we got very yummy food last night and we played cards. I lost of course lol. My friends from work suprized me today and bought my girl such cute stuff. So so sweet of them. Now just waiting for my hunny to come back. 


Day 71 so I have a sore  throat and can’t sleep at night at all have bags under my eyes. I can’t wait to go home. My inlaws suprize me today so very nice to see them. I have a new buddy that I talk to everyday. Can’t wait to see my hubby later.


day 70 we’ll some of my favorite doctors are leaving me there moving on to different cases I am going to miss them. They are truly great, always smiling making u feel good. I really hope this last week and a couple days goes by fast. Starting to feel nauseous again can’t wait to see my love of my life that beautiful little face.


day 69 so the doctors are very happy that her head is down and everything is still looking good 😊. I have 11 more days the countdown starts.. today one of the nurses asked me to talk to a mom that was freaked out she just came In at 26 weeks I remember coming in at 25 1/2 weeks like it was yesterday. The doctors freak u out tellin u all the wrost that can happen . So I spoke to her and gave her advice and my experience so she would not feel alone…


Day 68 we’ll I have not been feeling great very achy.  everything hurts from her moving all around and the extra weight. My mom was right babies ruin your hole body. From Cellulite to stretch marks and looking  like your dying and aging it’s all worth it in the end. Just hope I can get back to looking normal again n feeling good. Because right now it’s very hard to look as myself  unless I put a ton  of makeup on.