day 77 . So the doctors came In today and said snice the baby is head down we are gonna to induce you tonight. I was in shock I said what. I thought we were sticking to wensday. She said I know it was Tuesday and than it was Wednesday. But we would like to get it over with and at midnight u will be 37 weeks. So she Said are u ready I said I think so lol. So they did a sonogram and She was still head down. Waited for hours just for them to tell me were still on schedule. 830pm comes and they said this is it. I said to myself oooo boy. Me and my husband rush and try to pack up everything, but than they came to put the iv in my arm and take me to the labor and Delevery side. A couple hours go by they check a sonogram and she turned again her butt is down. She does not like to be upside down lol. So we wait again til they make a decision and hoping they not gonna delay us. It’s now 12 am and the doctors said we will do a c-section in the morning at 815…:

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