Day 78 hello world my baby girl has arrived and omggg is she beautiful and perfect little princess better than I ever imagined. So they woke me up At about 730 to get me and my husband ready and than brought us over about 8am. As I got over to the er I started to shake and get so nervous ­čśę. As I got on to the bed, getting ready for the epidural I start to cry so ┬ánervous and scary. As she put it in my back I felt a big pinch and than a shock Came and I jumped because I was so scared That it messed something up. Than seconds later from the waist down I feel nothing such a ┬ástrange feeling I was still nervous ­čśę so they gave me some kind of mix to make me drowsy. As my husband walk over they started cuting ┬áme and had the baby out in 5 mins. It was the most amazing sound I ever heard when we heard that little beautiful voice crying. Than my husband bought the baby to me and we started to cry so much was a beautiful thing. We love her so much already omg we waited so long to see her adorable face. Now our family is completed.

She is 37 weeks and 5 pounds she is beautiful,

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