5 months pregnant 11/16

In my 5 month mark I went to my monthly doctors vist to find out my baby girl was on the small side .. the doctor had said all her organs were great but she was just a little behind. She said not to worry but who’s not gonna worry. So what do me and my husband do google stuff .. which they say not to do. I think it’s good and bad to google. sometimes it helps while other times u get scared and worried 😩 when u read what people say. But it does help u understand that your not alone.

High risk pregnancy


I am a frist time mommy who is experiencing a high risk pregnancy. Since I been pregnant I had problems from the start. I started having problems around 3 months of pregnancy when my teeth start hurting and my gums started bleeding. I was in  such pain I had to go to the hospital. The doctor only gave me pain meds which did nothing at all. Which in a week later I  had to have two teeth pulled out oh joy..